Family of the Month – The Kondagori Family – SPONSORED!

This family has been sponsored. Thank you so much for your support! Please check our ‘Sponsor a Family’ page for other families in need.

Here was the story of the Kondagori family:

Imagine you are living in two rooms with your spouse and your two children. Your spouse has been diagnosed with cancer and is unable to work…You must care for your husband and also try to find odd jobs to support your family. You want to keep 17 year old and 11 year old in school but fear that they may have to quit and find work to help bring in income.

Such is the plight of 35 year old Bhavani who lives in Andhra Pradesh.

If you are willing to sponsor Bhavani, the Franciscan Family Apostolate will help fund some livestock for a small plot of land the government has given the family. With the income from the livestock and your monthly support, there is hope for the family.