Family of the Month – Vasarla Lakshmi – Sponsored!

Our family this month, Vasarla Lakshmi, a widow with a 16-year-old daughter named Jancy has been sponsored! Thank you so much!

Please check out our Sponsor a Family page for other families that are in need of your help.

Here is Laksmi’s story:

Lakshmi was happily married to her husband for many years, and the couple welcomed a daughter, Jancy, and son, Pandu, into their happy home. Sadly, just five years ago Lakshmi’s husband began feeling ill and was diagnosed with HIV. Lakshmi, understandably, was very concerned and had herself and the children also tested at this time, and learned that she and her son were also HIV positive. Despite receiving treatment, both her husband and her son began to suffer from increasing complications of the illness. When her son was just 10 years old he succumbed to AIDS-related tuberculosis. A few months ago her husband also died from HIV/AIDS related complications, leaving Lakshmi and Jancy on their own.

This family is now in difficult circumstances. Lakshmi continues to undergo treatment for her HIV, but she is very weak and has difficulty accepting any work that requires hard manual labor. The women move from one rented hut to another because they have no land or home of their own. Jancy, now 16, has managed to remain in school where she is considered very bright. She is very motivated to make something of herself and to provide for her loving mother. Lakshmi feels that she could work to earn a living for the family if she could have a job that does not require harsh working conditions, particularly those outside in the hot sun. She is increasingly frail from malnoutrition and her medical condition, and this makes earning a living difficult.

A sponsor for this family would ensure that both Lakshmi and Jancy have enough food to eat, and a safe and secure place to live. The Franciscan Family Apostolate Andhra staff is eager to work with Lakshmi to help her open a small shop or fruit stand that could provide a source of reliable income without taxing her ailing body too much.

If you would like to sponsor Lakshmi, you can do so here. To learn more about sponsoring a family, just click here.