The Chirukuri Family – Sponsored!

This family has been sponsored! Please check here for more families in need of help.

This is a very sad story! Murali and Sireesha live in a distant village with their five young children, aged 8 months to 7 years. They live in a rented home as they have no land or house of their own. Murali is a hard working man who tended buffalos. 

When his parents died, Murali asked for a portion of their property so he could build a house for his young family. One of his brothers was angered by his request and gravely attacked him one night. Murali received deep wounds to his head, stomach and shoulder. Gradually the wounds are healing but in treatment, the doctors discovered a tumor in his stomach for which Murali has not been able to go for treatment. 

This family is in desperate need of a sponsor. 

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Thank you for your kind help.