The Family of Seena and Sebastian – Sponsored!

This family has now been sponsored. Please check for other families in need of a sponsor on our Sponsor A Family webpage.

Have you ever wondered if you might have cancer? Seena has had a cyst on her head that is suspected to be cancerous. This family though is so poor that she cannot afford to go any further in getting the cyst studied. Imagine the worry that Seena and Sebastian live with as they watch their twin eight year old girls and their three year old daughter every day.

Sebastian is a fisherman who is a paid laborer on another person’s boat. Fishing has not been good in their area so his wages are meager. The twin girls are returning to school as the pandemic eases which means they need school supplies and some new clothing.

The family lives in a rented shed by the seashore. If someone would be willing to sponsor this family, it would mean the family would have a dependable income that they could use for some of their most basic needs.

If you would consider sponsoring this family, you can learn more about sponsorship here .

Thank you for your kind help.