Welcoming Message from Sr. Daphne

Good wishes to all those who visit our web page!

I am the fifth Canossian sister who has been in charge of the Franciscan Family Apostolate (FFA) in Alleppey. The FFA mainly reaches out to less fortunate fisher folk families as a support and helping hand to help them become self-reliant. We focus on the less fortunate , primarily widows, as they are the main bread-winners; also we help those suffering from terminal diseases unable to earn for the daily needs of their families. Some families comprise only of children who have lost their parents at a tender age. In a word, we serve individual families differently based on their need for food, clothing, medicine, shelter, a steady source of earned income and educational support to the children.


With the kind assistance of the sponsors, we also focus on the integral development of families through many ongoing projects to develop their talents. As our main goal is to eradicate the effects of poverty, we want to increase the parental awareness of the importance of education to the success of their children. We also want to inspire the new generation to help others who are struggling to survive due to lack of opportunities. It is through this kind of help that many families have developed well beyond their own expectations. To be sure, many others are longing for the same chance.

Fisherman in micro_credit program with needed fishing supplies.
Fisherman in micro_credit program with needed fishing supplies.

For example, through the FFA micro-credit projects, we have engaged families in self-help ventures such as cow/goat rearing, purchase of rads, a simple instrument for making mats, or a small fishing net or fishing craft, petty shop etc. In this wonderful work, I am assisted by six staff members who reach out the families living along the Arabian Sea in a string of more than 40 villages. Through our wonderful staff, the families maintain contact with their sponsors through quarterly letters and with our staff in the United States.

The FFA has become a leaven of the community in extending its outreach to the needy helping them to face the future with hope and confidence. I invite all of you to join this great family by sharing your God- given gifts and good fortune with the less fortunate.!

Sr. Daphne Anto