Family of the Month – Eliswa Shyji Family – Sponsored!


We all have read stories about families whose lives were changed tragically in an instant. Such were the circumstances for Eliswa Shyji and her children.

Just a year ago, Eliswa’s husband, Varghese, suffered a traumatic brain injury at work.  He was in a coma for many months and, while slowly recovering, still is unable to work. The family has spent all their savings and sold their possessions to pay for his treatment and medication. Eliswa cares for her husband and goes for odd jobs but there is no steady source of income to feed this family.

Their neighbors do what they can to help, but this family is in desperate need of a sponsor to get through these difficult times.  Without sponsorship, their two children,  14-year-old Henock Rahul and 11-year-old Lidhiya, will likely need to leave school and find menial work to help their mother feed the family and pay for their father’s medications and treatments.  You can read a full description of their plight here.

Would you consider sponsoring this Alleppey family? To learn more about sponsoring a family, please read this page. To sponsor Eliswa, please click here.