Family of the Month – Princy Kurisinkal — Sponsored!

This family has been sponsored. Thank you so much for your support! Please check our ‘Sponsor a Family’ page for other families in need.

Here is the story of Princy Kurisinkal:

Imagine hoping for many years to have children and then giving birth to quadruplets and being unable to provide good shelter and food for them. This is the plight of this 31 year old mother, Princy Kurisinkal. She and her husband, Aneesh, are barely able to provide food for their family on a daily basis. And, they must also provide for Aneesh’s parents who live with them. Aneesh’s mother helps Princy with the children but the children are suffering and are often ill. Aneesh is the only member of the family able to work as his father is ill.