Family of the Month – The Pampana Family – Sponsored!

The Pampana Family has been sponsored. Thank you very much!


Here was their story:

Kumari Pampana is a young widow with three children. Her husband contracted HIV/AIDS and passed away a year ago. While her in-laws attempted to help, over time Kumari has had to move with her daughters into housing she can scarcely afford. She and one of her children have contracted HIV/AIDS and should be on medications for the disease but they have exhausted their savings and Kumari has difficulty holding jobs to support her family.

With a sponsor, Kumari and her daughter could afford their medications and Kumari could open a small shop that would create an income stream for the family. The children are the hope of this family. Despite all the hardships of the past few years, they have maintained excellent grades in school.

Please consider sponsoring this family. You can learn more about their plight and sign up as a sponsor by clicking this link. For more information on how sponsorship works, please click here.