The Thumarada Family – Sponsored!

This family has been sponsored! Thank you so much. There are more families waiting for sponsors. You can find information about them here.

Look into the eyes of Nirmala Thumarada and you’ll immediately notice the strength and determination in her gaze. Abandoned by her husband with two young children, and now also caring for her elderly father, this 40-year-old mother toils under the burden of poverty and ill-health. Every day is a struggle. When her health allows it, she leaves home to take odd jobs. Her father – now 70 and sickly – tries to do the same. But with so little income for nutritious food, medicine, and safe shelter, the family is trapped by their circumstances. A sponsor could provide this family with the assistance they need. Monthly support would help this family to get back on their feet, ensuring Nirmala the chance to see her children educated and grown to lead healthy, productive lives.

If you would consider sponsoring a family, you can learn more about sponsorship here.