The Family of Buda Sunitha Sponsored!

This family has been sponsored. Please check our “Sponsor a Family” page for other families in need. Thank you so much.


Buda Sunitha is a poor widow who is suffering greatly in this time of pandemic. Widowed for many years, she lives with her twelve year old daughter and her parents and her physically handicapped sister.

Sunitha is now the sole breadwinner of the family. She searches for odd jobs to pay for her families’ medical expenses and searches for fruit to feed her family in the mountains. She would like to raise small animals and be able to better provide for her daughter, sister and parents. She is in desperate need of a sponsor. With sponsorship, she could participate in the special FFA venture capital project as part of sponsoring a family in that region.

If you are interested in sponsoring Sunitha, you can read more about her situation here. For more general information on sponsoring a family and the FFA venture capital project in Andhra Pradesh, click here for general sponsorship info and here for info on the FFA Andhra Pradesh project.