The Kondagorri Family – has been sponsored!

This family has been sponsored! There are more families in need of help. You can find them at Please consider sponsoring of them.

Mounika is a young widow with two small children whose husband died during the pandemic. She and her two children live in a tiny shack on a wasteland owned by no one.

Mounika is in a desperate situation. She must care for her two children and this limits her ability to leave their shack to seek work. She is eager to find ways to support her children. With the help of a sponsor and the FFA’s venture capital project, she could begin to rear some chicken or goats near her shack.

If you are interested in sponsoring Mounika, you can read more about her situation here. For more general information on sponsoring a family and the FFA venture capital project in Andhra Pradesh, click here for general sponsorship info and here for info on the FFA Andhra Pradesh project.