Family of the Month – The Palackal Family – Sponsored!

This family has been sponsored for which we are very grateful. You can read their story below. If you wish to sponsor a family, please check out the other families in need of help on our Sponsor A Family page.

This month’s family needs urgent help with their medical bills. Mary and Solomon raised three children successfully and now have grandchildren.

Both Mary and Solomon have chronic health problems which were compounded when Solomon was in a serious accident. Neither is able to work. Currently their son and grandchildren are living with them while he looks for work as a teacher…both grandchildren suffer from medical problems which are adding to the family’s medical bills. To add to the stress in their lives, they hope to settle their youngest daughter in marriage. You can read more of their story at this link.

With the help of a sponsor, they would be able to begin to resolve their medical debt and regain some stability in their lives.  To learn more about sponsorship, please follow this link. To sponsor, the Palackal Family, you can do so here.

Thank you for your help!